Converged Infrastructure

In this step of your IT Transformation Journey

Your virtualized, managed component-based architecture moves to a unified reference architecture. For organizations seeking the benefits of cloud computing, this is a crucial juncture. Without the management and productivity advantages of a converged infrastructure, managing and operating an effective cloud computing environment is costly, frustrating and ineffective. A converged infrastructure platform allows you to lower management costs and speed implementation and deployment of new services.

How can we help you?

Logicalis can assist in integrating all aspects of your IT infrastructure—servers, storage, networks and management—into a unified environment that can be addressed and managed as a single, converged entity, including servers, storage and network. Our years of expertise in this field—and our roster of leading technology partners—ensure that we have the knowledge and experience to make your converged infrastructure solution perform optimally, deploy rapidly and immediately begin delivering returns on your investment.

The primary value we give you is the orchestration of new technologies and industry-best practices to optimize enterprise-level data center compute capabilities. We integrate solutions, plan paths for migration and optimize IT infrastructures by building upon existing equipment and technologies, plus we add further value by integrating a service component extending well beyond comparative product specifications. By combining consulting expertise with integrated solutions, we help you gain efficiency, enhance performance and improve reliability.

By equipping your organization with a converged infrastructure solution, you can prepare to offer more cloud services either externally or internally while easily managing their performance and optimizing cost efficiency. Our converged infrastructure platforms can help you meet today’s needs while setting the groundwork for a more intelligent infrastructure that supports smart application workloads.

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