In this step of your IT Transformation Journey

You are likely extending your use of tools to continue the move from strictly physical components to virtualized servers and networks, while you tackle issues of management and capacity planning for increased agility and cost savings.

You may be facing challenges in Virtual Machine (VM) density and management or heat density and cooling. As the number of virtualized systems grows, so does the opportunity for VM sprawl. Resources get created, used, then abandoned—and are never properly reclaimed. By turning to a comprehensive management solution, such as VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite, you can gain comprehensive visibility across your infrastructure, proactively manage service levels to avoid incidents and automate routine tasks such as provisioning.

How can we help you?

Let our data center design experts assist you in resolving all of the above challenges associated with VM density by providing insight into resource requirements and achieving the best possible ROI. Our approach is to enable your data center to do more while utilizing fewer physical solutions—and avoiding their associated costs. We can help smooth the transition and make sure you are using your tools as effectively as possible for consistent management and planning.

We also offer you a simpler, more efficient data center with VMware software. VMware is the global leader in virtual infrastructure software for industry-standard systems. As a VMware Premier Partner, Logicalis uses VMware solutions to simplify our customers’ IT infrastructure, fully leverage their existing computing investments and respond faster to changing business demands. VMware software can help consolidate servers, optimize software development and provide affordable business continuity.

Desktop virtualization

Logicalis offers desktop virtualization as a service to reduce the costs and complexity associated with traditional desktop virtualization initiatives. Our solutions allow your organization to realize the benefits of virtualization—lower costs, enhanced flexibility, easier compliance and management, to name a few—without the stress and capital cost hurdles that often make the transition difficult.


Inefficient virtualized environments cost organizations considerable sums of time and money. We offer several assessments that can provide a roadmap for your virtualization efforts, regardless of whether you’re just starting or already have an established model.

VMware Health Check

We offer a VMware Health Check to assess your virtual environment’s effectiveness and efficiency. This assessment looks at your IT’s business alignment, performance and capacity, as well as how your solution aligns with current industry-best practices and where you can add new technologies to realize further gains. Turn to this assessment to ensure maximum ROI and productivity from your virtualization efforts.

Learn more about our assessment that can help unlock stranded capacity and reduce costs via server and desktop consolidation—all without sacrificing data center security.

Storage assessment

Storage virtualization introduces you to tiered-storage infrastructure, managed from a central control point that insulates applications from the physical storage layer.

Logicalis’ storage virtualization offering begins by assessing your current storage and outlining the risks, requirements and high-level ROI for your storage-management strategy.

In the next phase, we architect a solution based on the results of the storage assessment. Once the design is validated by you and your team, a “solution assurance review” is conducted to identify any gaps that must be addressed before implementing a vendor-supported infrastructure. All necessary hardware and software is procured.

The Logicalis consultant team then supplies the project management and installation expertise to implement the solution. The Logicalis sales team offers periodic health checks and education offerings to ensure ongoing success.

Learn more about our storage assessment.

Network assessments

Logicalis can also help you move your network infrastructure to the cloud, converging multiple physical infrastructures into one virtual network. This allows you to manage services—not physical devices—and gain business agility, efficiency, cost savings and security in the process.

Learn more about our network assessment.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

You can also turn to us for help in optimizing your network for BYOD—so you can empower your users to work wherever they want, on whatever device they choose, all without risking security or hindering service performance.

Learn more about our BYOD assessment.

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