Automation & Orchestration

Where you are now:

By applying automation and orchestration concepts to your converged infrastructure, you’ve helped to increase the flexibility and agility of your IT while lowering costs and boosting staff productivity.

By laying the groundwork for IT Service Management (ITSM) concepts and a true software-defined data center, you’ve positioned your organization to seamlessly consume IT services in a way the empowers end users—whether the services are offered from the private or public cloud. Self-service portals and automated workflows make life easier for your users and IT staff alike.

How we can help you evolve:

To fully realize the digital enterprise model, you have to extend virtualization further—so it encapsulates your entire data center. This is called software-defined data center (SDDC), and it’s the last step in your journey.

By unifying all compute, storage and networks in a single management interface—abstracted and made malleable by virtualization—you can enable a highly agile data center that’s capable of seamlessly integrating with public cloud services while supporting your own private cloud needs. This hybrid cloud model represents a new high watermark for efficiency and flexibility.

Logicalis is at the forefront of SDDC. We can help you plan and execute your migration initiative, and help you select the right tools for applying virtualization across your entire environment.

We are not believers in the “rip and replace” approach. In fact, our goal is to help embrace SDDC as cost-effectively as possible, by ensuring that you maximize the use of your existing data center assets and avoid unwieldy capital expenses.

Our services:

SDDC Workshop
The place to start your move to a software-defined approach. We’ll deep dive into your IT infrastructure and business priorities to help you build a SDDC plan that increases flexibility, empowers your organization to securely consume cloud services and helps you make the move as cost-effectively as possible.

ITSM Workshops
Our ITSM workshops help you assess your readiness to integrate smoothly with cloud services. We’ll produce a high-level review of your IT environment as it relates to cloud integration, identify areas to focus on improving, pinpoint areas of opportunity where cloud can help the most and outline the next actionable steps in your journey.

ITSM Implementation
Our expert team can help you develop a comprehensive ITSM strategy that aligns your business and IT needs—and, more importantly, we can help you implement this strategy effectively and create a roadmap for the future.

Service Desk
We provide a dependable, effective service desk solution that takes the challenge of team management off your shoulders. Our veteran IT team brings the experience and knowledge necessary to meet your desktop service needs, including 24 x 7 x 365 help desk availability. Based in the United States, this group of people is dedicated to delivering the highest levels of professionalism, accuracy and effectiveness—every day.

Remote Infrastructure Management Support
Logicalis’ Remote Management Services allow your employees to access, store and monitor crucial business data securely from anywhere, at any time. This includes support for backups, databases, your network, servers and operating systems, security, storage, unified communications and virtual users.

Professional Services
In addition to monitoring and management, Logicalis’ professional services allow customers to engage our industry-leading engineers in specific projects to address any technological challenges. These projects are available in either remote (often helpful for emergency or less complex situations) or scheduled on-site delivery.